Artest — The Art Management System

Webgallery, Webshop and social media for art lovers

ARTEST is a worldwide online resource that combines artlovers, art sellers and artists. ARTEST is a network that brings together galleries, artists, museums, auctions and art fairs.

ARTEST provides for galleries and artist easy way to worldwide markets. ARTEST is a way to rase customer base and keep in touch with them. For artists ARTEST is also a possibility to be found among collectors, museums and curators.

For museums ARTEST is a tool for 3D exhibition design. Through ARTEST network curators can find pieces of art from all over the world and fit them to the museum or gallery wall before moving. In ARTEST one can also fit statues and other 3D pieces of art. Also it is a new way to make digital excihibitions with sound and video for audience who cannot come to museum or about pieces of art that has been in storage for years. And also ARTEST is a tool for marketing.

Museums and galleries can use ARTEST also to market courses, conserts or any other happenings.

How all this is possible?

The heart of ARTEST is a Art View Application, where anybody can test pieces of art that is loaded in the ARTEST in one’s own wall in right scale. This application moves buying art to new easy level. It changes buying art to interior decoration. For customer it makes buying art safe and easy. Also customer can ask opinion from a friend or decorator easy.

For gallerists and museums our Art View Appilacation is a tool for for exhibition design. A curator can easily look for pieces of art through ARTEST and test them at museums wall in 3D model or in photos. With good searching engine finding interesting paintings is easy. Also contacting artists or the owners of paintings is easy. For galleries, museums and artists ARTEST provides also free home page service. It is very easy to use and it can be used with or without own domain.

Please, take a contact!

For futher information and presentations please contact by e-mail!

Currently being developed at VarmaWorks.
Väinö Linnan Aukio 15, 33210, Tampere, Finland

What does it cost?

Almost nothing!

For those who take advantage our publisihng system and home page space the price won’t be more than present service without ARTEST. Prices are from 30 euros per month depending on how many paintings a gallery will load on webgallery.

If a gallery doesn’t want use our home page service, only webgallery and Art View Application is possible to purchace.

For museums and large collectors service will be priced separately.